About Us

AcharyaHub is an online bank for Sample Questions & Test Papers for students and job seekers. The question papers are prepared by eminent educationists that include retired teachers, experienced tutors and meritorious and high scoring students. The test is divided into different sections according to the academic and competitive exams.
We created this online test series platform to support promising students and to make our platform comprehensive; we kept the doors opened for all the academic publishers, tutors, coaching centers and even the online tutoring sites. We accept questions papers that can anyway help students in their preparations for academic and competitive exams.
Our Create Test Program is for tutors that can create their profiles on our site and add question papers for students. We will take care that no question paper is repeated and also the questions are presented in new format. Objective of the sample papers should be to educate students and help them in their preparation. Also the tutors can experiment with new ideas to provide real help to the students.
The program is open for all and not limited to tutors and coaching centers only. Meritorious students can also contribute their study material and test papers in the program. We want to add value to the preparation for competitive tests that have become very difficult to crack.
AcharyaHub is a platform where tutors and students can interact with each other through their blog posts. AcharyaHub Blog provides information on “how to prepare for competitive exams” and it also brings success stories of students who passed the exams with flying colors. Here students can ask questions and also they can suggest changes in the test format.
Students invest thousands of rupees in coaching and also they spend countless hours in studying but they need more. They need confidence that they can get only with test papers. AcharyaHub presents free test papers to students. If you’re preparing for any academic or competitive exam, you can take advantage of our test papers and blog posts. And if you’ve anything to share, you can share it with others on the blog.

Management Team

Deepak Sharma
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Jagesh Pal
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Our Mission

Our mission is to make education accessible to all. We wants to create a platform where knowledge always keep flowing and provide quality study material by eminent educationists.

Our Vision

AcharyaHub sees education as a means of life and not means to achieve a target. We want to make exam preparation a breeze for students. We want to connect tutors with students for free flow of information and education.

Our Values

We stand for transparency in knowledge, quality in education and dedication in learning. We believe in education for all and we want to create an atmosphere where students can study and prepare for their exams without any pressure.

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